Foundational Course

Why is this program relevant for you?

Do you sometimes think about your life and wonder, why am I not happier? Am I missing something in life? How do I work towards prosperity and for fulfilling relationships? How do I deal with my negative feelings?  If any of these questions have ever occurred to you, then this course is for you!

Benefits you can expect from this course:

As you participate in the course, you begin experiencing  to see new possibilities for positive actions that you can undertake. This experience will empower you to reduce the level of conflict in your life, and enhance fulfillment and satisfaction in your relationships. The idea is to trigger an empowering, self-critical inner dialogue that begins with the workshop, but doesn’t end either !

Here is what you will learn & experience in the course:

You will explore and understand your inner-most needs and aspirations. You will understand the core principles underlying ‘feelings’ in human relationships. Your attention will be drawn to the rich web of connections among various aspects of your life. Through a process of guided introspection, you will explore your own life experiences and beliefs through the lens of principles unleashed in the workshop.

To make connections to  your life and to ensure engagement with the material presented,  you will be gently guided through some reflective exercises and we will motivate  you to document your experience in the form of  journal entries.

Topic 1 – Basic human aspirations, Coexistence of body and Self, Happiness, Prosperity

Topic 2 – Feelings in Human Relationships

Topic 3 – Assurance on Intent and Right Evaluation

Topic 4 – Responsibility and commitment in relationships

Topic 5 – Parenting (Care and guidance, Education and Sanskar)

Topic 6 – Reverence, Gratitude, and Love.

Topic 7 – How to resolve conflicts in Relationships

Topic 8 – Understanding Self – Harmony in Self

Beyond the workshop:

To help you keep your commitment alive and to support your continuous growth, you will be provided ample opportunities to  volunteer in an online community, called the Nurturing Zone which holds regular webinars and hosts spaces for learning and sharing. In addition you will also have access to a library of curated resources such as videos, books, articles  that you can dip into when you are in dilemma and feel the need to get clarified or find out more.